Gideon de Kok

Principal Consultant @ Xebia

Gideon de Kok is a software consultant with a strong passion for building end-to-end reactive systems. With a background in both software engineering as infrastructures, he helps organizations in embracing the intricacy of software development to regain a grip on their software development process.

Reactive Microservices: going from 0 to 100 real quick

Organizations can reap large benefits from migrating from a monolith to a microservice-based architecture, because microservices provide much more flexibility to adjust applications to changing business needs. Since such a migration affects every layer of an application, the big-bang strategy is often perceived to be the best path of a migration. Reality shows that making the “final switch” at the end of a big-bang is a very hard choice to make. Frequent slipping deadlines and not delivering business value in the meantime puts the development process under large and unnecessary pressure.  In this talk, Gideon will dive into a different strategy for the disentanglement of monoliths. Using an incremental angle, the promise of increased business flexibility can be fulfilled from day one. An incremental process, however, adds architectural complexity to the migration. Should you start with disentanglement over a horizontal axis; starting with a view layer first and interleaving “dumb” microservices? Or is a domain for domain process viable and worth the trade-offs? Using an example built on Lagom, Gideon will share the design choices to be made in an incremental migration and how the battle-tested reactive principles powering Lagom can be used jump-start vertical disentanglement strategies.

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