Harry Laoulakos

Senior Software Engineer / Development Manager @ Lunatech

Functional programmer, enjoying programming in Scala, Play framework, Akka, Typelevel stack: cats, shapeless, etc

Monad Stacks or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Free Monad

When advanced techniques are presented to beginner or intermediate programmers, they usually cannot grasp their usefulness and applicability to real-world cases.

In this talk, I will demonstrate various techniques, such as:
– Monad Transformers
– Effects libraries
– Free monads

These techniques can be used to transform scala “spaghetti” code (that is embedded maps, flatmaps and pattern matching) to cleaner code that almost looks like imperative code.

[Disclaimer: Some familiarity with these techniques might be useful, but not necessary to follow the talk.]

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