Ivan Topolnjak

Kamon Core Team Member & Kamino Co-Founder @ Kamino

Ivan is a curious developer, interested in writing concise and expressive code with Scala, teaching, sharing knowledge and having a good time while doing so. He has spent the last few years monitoring, troubleshooting and learning from production systems, member of Kamon’s core development team and co-founder of Kamino, the next generation APM.

Keeping it alive with Kamon

Being able to monitor your application’s behavior is nice; knowing that everything is being measured and reported somewhere makes you feel like you are doing the right thing, but, are you? Simply measuring everything like there is no tomorrow doesn’t bring any good unless you are analyzing that data! In this talk we will learn how to interpret the metrics data collected by Kamon and how to apply this knowledge when troubleshooting real world performance problems.

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