Johan Andrén

Software Engineer, Akka Team @ Lightbend

Johan is a developer, in the core the Akka Team at Lightbend, based out of Stockholm, Sweden. He has been working as a consultant and mentor around Scala, Akka and Play Framework the last 5 years and Java the last 10. In his spare time he co-organizes Scala Usergroup Stockholm and when not in front of a keyboard he enjoys mountainbiking and bouldering.

Building reactive distributed systems with Akka

Akka Cluster is one of the most interesting parts of Akka, leveraging the actor model for building reactive and distributed systems. In this talk we’ll cover a bit of basics around Akka Cluster and then focus on the various tools for building distributed systems available out of the box: singleton, sharding, distributed pub-sub and distributed data. For each of the tools we’ll discuss what use cases it covers and where it is on a scale from consistency to availability.

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