Konrad Malawski

Senior engineer @ Lightbend

Konrad is a late-night passionate hakker currently living in Tokyo and still believing in his motto: “Life is Study!”. At Lightbend he’s part of the core Akka team, and has contributed mostly (but not only) to the core, persistence, new remoting as well as maintaining Akka HTTP. In the past he’s helped startups write high performance service backends as well as huge corporations such as eBay get started with Scala. His favourite discussion topics range from distributed systems and high performance algorithms to photography and capybaras. He has founded and run multiple user groups (Java, Scala, Computer Science, …), and is part of program committees of awesome conferences such as GeeCON and JavaOne SF. In those rare times he’s not coding, he spreads the joy of computer science by helping local user groups and whitepaper reading clubs. He also holds number of titles, including the “Best ScalaDays NY talk 2016” and Java One RockStar 2015.

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