Pawel Dolega

Senior Associate @ VirtusLab

Software engineer / entrepreneur. Worked in international corporations, small local software houses (two of which I co-founded) . In the meantime I’ve been involved with Australian start-up. These days my weapon of choice is mostly Lightbend stack (Scala / Akka / Play) though I am trying to remain flexible and not being too orthodox.

As of now working together with VirtusLab – Lightbend partner in Poland.

How to ditch your server altogether (or entry-level intro to serverless with Scala)

This will be a quick introduction to serverless architecture. We’ll be using Amazon infrastructure (Lambda) and Scala code. We’ll cover basic concepts & ideas together several sample applications.

I strongly believe that serverless is a trend that will have a major impact on how we develop and deploy software 5-10 years from now. Goal of this presentation would be to give you a basic idea how things work, show you couple of simple and more complicated applications and basically give you a good start to experiment on your own.

From the perspective of serverless architecture this will be introductory material (no prior knowledge & experience needed). We would be using a bunch of other services from Amazon infrastructure (S3, RDS etc) but no advanced knowledge is needed here either.

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