Petra Bierleutgeb

Software Engineer & IT Consultant @ Freelancer

Petra Bierleutgeb is an independent software engineer and consultant with 10+ years of experience in the fields of software development and distributed systems. Away from the keyboard, she greatly enjoys rock climbing and the outdoors.

Introduction to gRPC with ScalaPB

This talk will introduce the audience to writing gRPC applications in Scala using ScalaPB. gRPC is a modern, high-performance, open-source RPC framework focused on the requirements of connecting polyglot services in microservice-oriented systems. Its support of HTTP/2, protocol buffers, bi-directional streaming and type-safety make it an attractive alternative to traditional REST/JSON based service communication. Support for Scala is available through ScalaPB – a community provided protocol buffer compiler. Once integrated, ScalaPB will automatically generate the source code required for the implementation of the defined services, clients and exchanged messages. This talk will start with a short introduction to gRPC and its principles, followed by live coding examples of setting up gRPC with ScalaPB and implementing services and clients using various forms of gRPC communication styles. As a bonus – and if time allows – there will also be a demonstration about how to integrate gRPC with Akka Streams.

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