Tzofia Shiftan

Full-Stack Team Lead @ OverOps (formerly Takipi)

Tzofia is a team leader at OverOps (formerly Takipi), helping developers know when and why their code breaks in production. She recently completed her Masters Degree in Computer Science, wherein she dealt with how to apply deep learning methods to enhance image quality. Previously, Tzofia worked on big data distribution storage systems at Thomson Reuters. She is passionate about code simplicity, and about culture in development teams.

Scala Performance Under the Hood

In this talk we will dive deep into the JVM in order to understand how Scala does its magic. We will see what is the real difference between val, var and def, what happens when we use objects vs classes vs traits, how does lazy works, and much more. At the end of the talk we will be able to better evaluate the performance of our own code.

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